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Project work in the curative education nurse training programme

Project work in educator training

Project work in educator training
The four-week project work, in which students focus on a specific project topic, is an integral part of the educator training programme. During this time, they work together in teams in a socio-educational institution where they implement their project.
Practically relevant projects are developed by and for practitioners. It is always important that the needs and interests of the children and young people are the starting point for the project.
The project work and its results are not only an enrichment for socio-educational institutions and their educational work. The project work also makes a significant contribution to the further development and professionalisation of the students, particularly with regard to expanding their skills in the areas of action competence, social competence and independence.

How does the project work work?
Before the project work begins, the students are prepared for the project phase both theoretically and practically in class.
Each project team organises the project work independently and distributes the work tasks. The specific arrangements and planning are then made in close co-operation with the institution where the project is being carried out and with the supervising teachers.