Käthe-Kollwitz-Schule - Berufskolleg der StädteRegion Aachen
KKS Aachen

Käthe-Kollwitz-Schule, Berufskolleg der StädteRegion Aachen

Welcome to Käthe Kollwitz Schule, Berufskolleg der StädteRegion Aachen

Our profile

We are both, a vocational school and a full-time college of secondary and further education. We are located in Aachen, a city in the heart of the EUREGIO Rhein-Maas, a region where the borders of Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany meet. This special location offers great opportunities for cross-border cooperation and mobility in different fields.

Among nine other vocational trade colleges in the “StädteRegion Aachen” Käthe Kollwitz Berufskolleg enriches the diverse educational opportunities in the Aachen area. Basically, our school concentrates on on-the-job-training as well as educational training / schooling.

Our diversified dual system classes – combination of on-the-job training and vocational school -- comprise the following sections with the respective professions:


Florist, gardener, horticultural worker, farmer

Personal care:

Hairstylist, hairdresser

Hospitality industry:

Chef, cook, hotel manager, restaurant manager, fast food restaurant manager

Food trade / food crafts:

Baker, butcher, confectioner, pastry chef, bakery and butchery sales assistant

Diet / nutrition and housekeeping

Housekeeping assistant


Our school-based classes (full-time schooling 5 days per week and several on-the-job placements) focus on the social services and healthcare system as well as nutrition and housekeeping.

The fields of social services and healthcare cover professions such as:

Early years teacher, nursery school teacher, nursery nurse, youth worker, play worker, care worker, social care worker, and social care assistant

 Furthermore, we offer various specialised degree courses:

-        one-year full-time vocational training: nutrition and supply management (BFS für Ernährung und Versorgung), various degrees obtainable

-        two-year full-time vocational training: catering assistant (BFS Berufsfachschule für Ernährungs- und Versorgungsmanagement), various degrees obtainable

-        specialised secondary schooling: health and social care (FOS Fachoberschule für Gesundheit und Soziales), qualification to study at a technical college, and

-        high-school graduation courses specialized in educational theory or health sciences (Berufliches Gymnasium), qualification to study at university or college.

 We also offer preparatory courses for teenagers and young adults without job training or work in cooperation with the local job centre, focussing on subjects such as care, agriculture, health and social issues.

Young people who have only lived in Germany for a short period of time can attend our international classes (“AVI Internationale Förderklasse”). These classes aim at imparting a basic command of German and intercultural competences.

School life and current affairs

Dance project

Our students regularly participate in a cross-cultural dance project associated with the Aachener Schrittmacher Festival.


High school and international classes participate in our first cross-cultural choir.


Students develop, rehearse and perform plays for children.

School news paper

On-the-job projects in cooperation with local businesses


Student and teacher exchange

Istanbul, Turkey

-        Students who want to become an early years teacher or youth worker have taken part in an exchange program with Istanbul university in order to compare intercultural educational standards, getting to know the Turkish educational system and improve their Turkish language and communication skills.


Erasmus: Aachen-Prague

-        Students who want to become a nursery nurse both, from Prague and Aachen have chosen  typical myths from those two cities and adapted the texts to the needs of pre-school as well as primary education institutions. Finally, the students developed a theatre play which was presented both, in Prague and in Aachen.


Partnerships and internship programs

-        Partnerships with schools from Sariyer/Istanbul, Turkey and Rouen, France

-        Teacher exchange: Netherlands, Finland, Romania, France and Spain

-        Erasmus international internships: Cluj, Romania; Rouen, France; Aalborg, Denmark; London, United Kingdom; Prague, Czech Republic.


Tutoring system: “Schüler helfen Schülern“

-        Students from our advanced secondary schooling courses cooperate with and support students from our international classes, mainly migrants and refugees, in order to improve their German language and communication skills and help them with their studies.


Language development program: “Akzente”

-        This project is a combined effort of the linguistics department of our local university (RWTH Aachen) and our school. It aims at fostering students from international classes or students with the need for individual language support. Teachers, professors and students work closely together to develop and monitor each of our students’ language development. Essential for our success are small groups that cater to the need of each individual and tasks that take the specifics of various native tongues into account.

DEHOGA regional youth championship

Every year our department of hotel and restaurant management organizes and carries out a regional competition for chefs as well as restaurant and hotel specialists in cooperation with the German hotel and catering association (DeHoGa).